Solving Mathematical problems with logic Gates

Every problem in the world of mathematics is controlled by two values: true or false. The truth table calculator is used to understand the truth and falsity of statements. Regardless of how complicated the statements are, it is possible to reduce them to a single value. This is where truth tables become useful. The logic behind every truth table calculator remains consistent. And, it depends on five different types of connectives. These are the only five connectives you will see in the truth table generators. And, using these given connectives complications mathematics problems can be simplified and solved.

The truth table generator makes use of conjunctions just like addition, substation, multiplication and division. Many a times the connectives used in the truth table are also known as logical operators. The five different logical operators in your problems would be conjunction, disjunction, implication, negation and bi-conditionals. .

Conjunction In any truth table generator, you are bound to come across the conjunction “AND”. If two statements are connected using “and” the compound statement is also known as a conjunction. In this case, both the statements should be true for the final implication to be true. Even if one of the values is false, the entire statement equates to false.

Disjunction If two statements are connected using the “OR” connective, it become a disjunction. For a statement connected using disjunction to be true, any one of the statements must be true. This means, a false statement disjunction with a true statement becomes true. However, if both the statements are false, the final result becomes false. And, if both the statements reduce to “true” the final answer is “true”.

Negation As suggested by its name, the role of a negator is to reverse the value of the statement. Negation of a positive statement becomes false. And, negation of a negative statement becomes true. This connectivity works in interesting ways. It is a simpler way of introducing “no” into statements. For example, prefixing statements like “it is not true” with negation will make it positive. Many a times, mathematics problems need to introduce no after an evaluation. This becomes simple with the help of negation.

Importance of logic gates truth table The primary reason behind the need for logic gates truth table would be “simplicity”. These truth tables will help in reducing complicated problems into simpler ones. As mentioned previously, you will end up with a single answer for a magnitude of a problem.